About Whoop Insights

What can I do with Whoop Insights?

Level up your market scan with Whoop Insights – an online analytics tool that gives you direct access to what customers say about your brand, product, or idea.

With Whoop Insights, you can dig into online comments on social media, even offline surveys, to get information from a wide range of customer touch points.

Data is collected and automatically translated into data visualizations, so you can do away with the long and tedious process of manually searching for key topics and sentiments.

This simplifies how you make sense of data, so you can draw insights to inform your next actions – be it a competitor scan, a campaign, or a product launch.

What can Whoop Insights do for me?

Whoop Insights collects and analyzes data from social media and offline content (such as surveys), and automatically translates these into data visualizations to simplify how you make sense of data.

Data is distilled to answer specific questions related to key topics and sentiments; namely:

  1. Which topics are most talked about? How do people feel about these topics?
  2. What words show up the most?
  3. What words are most relevant per topic?
  4. How did conversations change over time?
  5. Where are the conversations happening? (available only for Twitter, this provides a view of tweet density per location)
  6. How are people reacting to posts (available only for Facebook, this shows consolidated counts of Facebook statistics and reactions)
  7. How did reactions change over time?
  8. How did sentiments change over time?
  9. What are the posts and comments that make up key topics and sentiments?

How is Whoop Insights different from other analytics tools?

Most text-based analytics tools require users to have pre-requisite knowledge of statistical concepts to analyze data.

In addition, other analytics tools require keywords to get started. Whoop Insights does not require keywords; rather, it finds what words are key and appear most relevant.

Whoop Insights is powered by data science techniques to generate analytics and automate data visualizations. Knowledge of statistical concepts is not a pre-requisite.

It is however, best appreciated by users with experience in finding patterns and trends in data visualizations.

What data can Whoop Insights analyze?

Whoop Insights can analyze:
• an active Facebook Page (e.g.

Due to Facebook’s privacy policy, Whoop Insights only reads active Facebook Pages which are identifiable via the presence of a “Like” button

• an active public Twitter account (e.g.
• a Twitter Hashtag URL (e.g.

Due to Twitter’s privacy policy, Whoop Insights only reads as far back as 7 days from the date you crawl

• text-based content in CSV, JSON, and XML formats (e.g. qualitative surveys with open ended responses)

If you’re unsure if your data can be read by Whoop Insights, please send us a note through the Support Page.

What is a Facebook Page? How is this different from a Profile or Group?

  • A Facebook Page is similar to a Facebook Profile. However, compared to a Facebook Profile which is an individual’s personal page, a Facebook Page is public and available to everyone on Facebook. It allows public figures, businesses, organizations, and other entities to create an official public presence on Facebook.
  • While Facebook Pages are designed to be the official page for public entities, Groups are designed for people with common interests and opinions to connect in a smaller forum. Groups may be public for anyone to join, require admin approval to join, or invite members to join.
  • Whoop Insights only reads Facebook Pages, not Profiles, nor Groups due to privacy restrictions.

How can I tell if I'm looking at a Facebook Page, Profile or Group?

Below is a guide that can help you distinguish between a Profile, Page, or Group on Facebook.

Can Whoop Insights read Instagram?

No. Whoop Insights cannot read Instagram.

Can Whoop Insights read YouTube?

Yes. Whoop Insights can read comments on YouTube.

However, you would need to apply a technique called “screen-scraping,” taking text from a website and converting it into a file.

How can Whoop Insights read from YouTube?

  • First, find a YouTube site with text comments.
  • Second, use a screen scraper, in this this case, use YouTube Comment Scraper.
  • Third, download the comments via CSV, and deselect all options save for “Comment Text.”
  • Fourth, setup your CSV file in Whoop Insights.
  • Fifth, analyze and visualize the CSV file in Whoop Insights.

Can Whoop Insights read other websites?

Yes. Similar to YouTube, you would need to apply “screen-scraping” as well.

How can Whoop Insights read other websites?

  • First, find a website you would like to analyze for its text content.
  • Second, use a screen scraper – for blog sites or simple static websites, use Textise.
  • Third, open Excel and save the text in one column in the spreadsheet and save as *.CSV.
  • Fourth, setup your CSV file in Whoop Insights.
  • Fifth, analyze and visualize the CSV file in Whoop Insights.

Where is Whoop Insights available?

Whoop Insights is available online at It is best viewed and accessed via desktop.

Getting Started: Registration, Log-in, Use

How do I sign up?

Sign up for free at
Please confirm your registration when you receive the email from Whoop Insights.

How do I log in?

Log-in at
Please make sure you have confirmed your registration before you log-in for the first time.

What do I do next after I log in?

There are three main steps on the Whoop Insights Dashboard – Setup, Analyze, and Visualize.

  • First, setup your data. You could submit either a Facebook or Twitter URL. Or, you can upload a file in CSV, JSON, or XML format.
  • Second, adjust the settings for analyzing your data.
  • Third, see your analyzed data in different types of Views.

About your Free Trial

When will my 15-day free trial start?

Once you register, your free trial starts.

What can I do during my 15-day free trial?

During your free trial, you can crawl as much as a month’s worth of data per run; and use as much as 30MB for analysis.

Downloadable reports are disabled during the trial period and are only available for paid subscriptions.

What happens after my 15-day free trial ends?

Your may continue to view your analytics reports for 15 days after your 15-day trial ends. However, you will no longer be able to setup and analyze new datasets.

Also at the end of 15 days, your account will be cleaned up, and you will no longer be able to access your analytics reports.

Or, you may sign up for a monthly subscription, so you can continue to use Whoop Insights.

Full Version, Payment, and Account Management

What happens if I sign up for a monthly subscription with Whoop Insights?

If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can:

  • Crawl as much as a year’s worth of data per run
  • Download data and analytics reports; and
  • Use up as much as 1 GB of data for analysis

The fee for the use of Whoop Insights is good for 30 days from the settlement of payment. This is automatically renewed every 30 days.

How much does a monthly subscription cost?

A monthly subscription costs 50 USD or 2,500 Php.

How do I pay?

• Log-in to your Whoop Insights account.
• Go to: “My Profile” > “Upgrade” and click “Subscribe” under the “PRO” box.
• Please pay using your credit card online. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.
• Whoop Insights does not save credit card information.

What if I use up the 1GB before the month is up?

You have two options:

  • First, you may top-up so you can increase your usage allocation of 1GB for the month; or
  • Second, wait for the next month’s 1GB usage allocation.

When does the top-up expire?

The top-up expires when the 1GB usage allocation for that month expires.

What happens if I miss payment?

If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, this will result in a suspension of the account, 60 days after the last payment.

You may continue to view your analytics reports for 30 days after your last payment. However, you will no longer be able to setup and analyze new datasets.

Also at the end of 60 days from your last payment, you will no longer be able to access your analytics reports.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to Whoop Insights through the end of your most recent 30-day period.

Your account will also be automatically suspended if you do not renew payment 60 days since your last payment.

Your account will be cancelled after 6 months of inactivity.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my subscription and the 30 days are not yet up?

Unfortunately, payments are non-refundable, and Whoop Insights does not provide credits or partial-month subscriptions.

Can I still subscribe to Whoop Insights if my account is suspended?

Yes. If the subscription is renewed less than 60 days since the last payment, the account’s data would again be available after payment is made.

For free trial accounts, the data remains available for 15 days after the end of the trial period. The user may then choose to opt-in for a paid subscription.

I tried to subscribe, but my transaction failed. What do I do?

Please try using other cards affiliated with Visa or Mastercard. You may also use Paypal to subscribe.

You may also contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How will I know if there are changes to prices or service plans?

We may change the price of our product from time to time; however, any price changes will only apply to you in the next month after we give you notice via an email and through the website.

Whoop insights uses data science techniques to generate analytics and automate reports.